Order of the Spirits: Fragments

Be vigilant. Accept sacrifice. Endure.
Fragments - Cover

Order of the Spirits


Warriors of the Order take their vows seriously, and whether they’re in a crime-ridden city, a distant past, or a different realm altogether, their job is to battle deadly creatures and hunt down ancient monsters. If they fail, Earth is surrendered to darkness, and their loved ones would be the first to die.

In this action-packed fantasy collection of six intertwined stories, meet a grim vigilante, a charismatic demon slayer, and a pair of legendary monster hunters, as they fight for the Order and their personal beliefs. But what happens when those beliefs go against the Order’s ways?

It is time to find out.

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Order of the Spirits: Fragments is a non-linear, character-driven narrative told through six intertwined stories, multiple protagonists, diverse settings, and even different time periods. It is a debut novel of Vladimir Radojković, and book one in a new contemporary action fantasy series!

Welcome to the Order.

Vladimir RadojkovićVladimir Radojković

  A long time ago I made up this universe and now, among other things, I write stories for it. When I’m not working on Order of the Spirits, I'm usually busy running a small hotel in a small town. Or programming. Or playing games on GOG. Yeah… Mostly playing games on GOG

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