Fragments release anniversary

It's been a year since Order of the Spirits: Fragments was released!

Exactly one year ago, I published the first Order of the Spirits book. So today I figured, why not take a moment to reflect on that. And perhaps the easiest way to do so is to answer a bunch of questions a fellow author shared with me!

Fragments Cover Art


What’s the name of the book being celebrated and when was it originally released?

Order of the Spirits: Fragments, released January 7th, 2021. (When most people in my country celebrate Christmas!)

What genre is this book?

Contemporary action fantasy is not really an established (sub)genre, but I still think the term fits this book the best and conveys to the reader what to expect from it.

Who is your favorite character in this novel and why?

This is a joke, right? Not to sound too egotistical, but I even like the villains in my stories…

Wolf and Nemo
Image of Wolf and Nemo. Not the villains. (I think.)

What is the most memorable scene for you in this novel?

Wolf’s goodbye to his father comes to mind. Nemo’s duel is also up there.

Now for something different… What is something you cut from the final release, but still remember from the draft?

The epilogue chapter of the final story originally featured a flashback scene with Wolf and his older brother, Adam. That scene even passed the first editing phase! The switch to the epilogue that we ultimately got was a last-minute change.

What’s been one of your favorite responses to the novel?

Some people told me they stayed up late because they didn’t want to stop reading the book. The adrenaline got to them, they said, and with action being so prominent to this series I figured that was one hell of a compliment.

What’s been the most surprising in the responses you’ve gotten to the novel?

People seem to really like Swift! Some readers have asked me about her and expressed their desire to see more of her in the future… Sadly, she doesn’t make an appearance in the upcoming sequel. (But she will be back!)

How do you feel about your cover now that you’ve got a bit of space between it and the release?

The cover that Cris did for Fragments? That’s it. That’s the perfect cover art for this book.

Fragments Cover Art
Still fucking love it.

Is this part of a series or interconnected universe? If so, when is the next book coming out?

Yeah, Order of the Spirits: Fragments is just Book One of this series. The next book will be called Order of the Spirits: Initiation and it will almost certainly be released in the second half of 2022!

How has your opinion of this novel changed between the release date and now?

It… hasn’t? Should it have? It’s good stuff.

What is one of the biggest themes in your novel, intentional or otherwise?

Find something to fight/live for. Pretty sure that idea is present in all the stories featured in Fragments.

What are some stumbling blocks you ran into during the release of this novel?

Um. Where to begin? Publishing from Serbia is an uphill battle. There are many walls due to international nonsense… For one, proof copies and paperbacks take forever to get here. Also, the shipping prices are brutal… The slow delivery alone pushed the release date of Fragments by a month or two. (And the same will happen for Initiation when the time comes…)

Share a favorite quote from this book.

"You know nothing of me."
  ~ Wolf

One of the quotes I kinda dig, and currently on my mind because of an earlier question.

If you had to pick a song that vibed with this book, what would it be and why that song?

Since we’re dealing with intertwined stories in Fragments, it gets a bit tricky to round them all up with one song. However… and not to piggyback off a popular franchise… but the credits song to the first Witcher game is something I often had in the background while working on Fragments.

It's not a bad fit...


And that wraps up the anniversary interview! But one last thing before I go and disappear for another few months… To celebrate this one-year-old release, the ebook version of Fragments will be on sale starting tomorrow! The promo price on Amazon will be $0.99, from January 8th to January 15th.

Fragments Cover Art
If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, this is a great opportunity to do so!


Oh, and happy New Year, everyone!
‘Till next time.

Vladimir RadojkovićVladimir Radojković

  A long time ago I made up this universe and now, among other things, I write stories for it. When I’m not working on Order of the Spirits, I'm usually busy running a small hotel in a small town. Or programming. Or playing games on GOG. Yeah… Mostly playing games on GOG

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