Fragments cover reveal!

In other news, you can now apply for an advance review copy. Oh, and I've settled on the release date for the book!

Just a heads up, a bunch of announcements are about to happen! If this is your first time stumbling on my website, please check out my previous post, in which I explain what my upcoming book, Order of the Spirits: Fragments, is all about. As for this post, I’ll be talking about review copies for the book and how you can get one. I’ve also settled on the release date for the book, so expect a quick chat about that, as well. But first… the cover art for Fragments!

The Cover is here!

I’ve been holding back this piece of art for months now! And let me tell you, it hadn’t been easy… Cristiana did an absolutely incredible job on the cover, and it’s a huge relief that I’m finally sharing it! So, without further delays, here’s what the cover for Order of the Spirits: Fragments looks like!

Fragments Cover Art
I mean, let's face it. My hype for the cover is fully justified!

  So yeah. There it is! If this cover doesn’t spark your interest regarding my book, I’m pretty sure nothing that I could say would change that… Though, if you’re still reading this, I suppose all’s good, so we can move on to the next topic!

Review copies (and where to find them)

With the manuscript and the cover art ready, and with the release date soon approaching (more on that shortly), I’m now looking to form an ARC team. I'll need your help with that one, but don't worry. ARCs  make for a simple process. In short, if you’re interested in Fragments, you could apply for an early, review copy of my book. You'd get a free copy of the book in a digital form (EPUB, MOBI, or a PDF file), and in exchange, all you have to do is:

  1. Read the book
  2. Leave your honest review of it, either on Amazon or on Goodreads, once it’s out!

  This benefits me as a new indie author because early reviews might help me reach an audience on Amazon. Meanwhile, the ARC team members get my book in advance, and free of charge! So, if that sounds good to you, perhaps consider joining my team. Applications are open as of today (as in, right now)!

  You can apply for an early review copy of Order of the Spirits: Fragments through a platform called StoryOrigin by following this link. Alternatively, you could just send me an email if you're a part of my Newsletter list!

  I should note that the number of review copies is limited. Also, I’m not sure for how long I’ll be accepting new applications (this is my first time sending review copies, after all), but we’ll work it all out as we go! And while on the subject of dates and stuff…

Order of the Spirits: Fragments will be released on January 7th, 2021!

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about whether to release the book in late December or not. Technically, December is still viable, but I decided against it. There are many reasons as to why I think January works better, but either way, Order of the Spirits: Fragments is nearly here!

If everything goes as planned, Order of the Spirits: Fragments will be available on Amazon, as an ebook and a paperback, starting January 7th.


In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep uploading new content on the website and whatnot. You can probably expect more images in the gallery here, and who knows, maybe I’ll make a few posts dedicated to some characters featured in Fragments. We’ll see...

Until then!

Vladimir RadojkovićVladimir Radojković

  A long time ago I made up this universe and now, among other things, I write stories for it. When I’m not working on Order of the Spirits, I'm usually busy running a small hotel in a small town. Or programming. Or playing games on GOG. Yeah… Mostly playing games on GOG

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