The hardcovers are here

Hardcover copies of my books are now available on Amazon!

That's right!
Order of the Spirits: Fragments and Order of the Spirits: Initiation are now both available as hardcover copies on Amazon!

Hardcovers Mockup

The reason I couldn't publish hardcovers alongside Initiation's release date was, essentially, due to quality assurance. It took longer to make sure everything came out good in print, but luckily I had help from a fellow author, Ian Kirkpatrick, so the wait wasn't too long!

  Ian mostly writes satire and does a lot to help out the indie author community. I read and reviewed some of her works before, while in the meantime we started chatting and I grew to consider her a friend. Please check out Ian's books or her spicy YouTube channel to learn more about her!

Hardcovers Mockup
Boom Boom Boom is probably my favorite book by Ian! It also happens to be an award-winning novel...

Another thing I wanted to discuss regarding these new copies are the different covers... To make the hardcovers a bit more special, I decided to go with a different trim size. Unlike the paperbacks, which are 5.5x8.5 inches in size, the hardcovers are 6x9 inches. Additionally, because of the different bookbinding, the hardcovers aren’t printed the same as paperbacks, regardless of the trim size. So repositioning and resizing elements of the paperback covers was unavoidable...

  Initially, the plan was to contact Cris and have her reshape the original covers so they would fit the new copies. However, publishing Initiation pretty much left me broke, while I'm sure Cristiana's time is better spent on bigger projects. Besides, I always liked the idea of having a different, more simplified look for the hardcovers. So I gave it a shot myself! Which… is a usually big no-no when it comes to indie publishing and creating covers, but I'm pleased with the result! It looks awesome in print!

Proof Copies

The previews on the Amazon store don't do the hardcovers justice. I don't know how, but Amazon forgot book spine is a thing for hardcovers(...) so on their previews everything seems like it's leaning too much to the side. The print test doesn't lie, however!

Anyway, that's it for now!
Off to writing Book 3...

Vladimir RadojkovićVladimir Radojković

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