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Order of the Spirits, Book Two is happening!

My part on the second Order of the Spirits book is done!


Well... for now

I self-edited the manuscript to the best of my abilities, multiple takes and everything, but professional editing is still a must. That undertaking, however, is scheduled for later in the year. So, for the moment being, my work on Order of the Spirits: Initiation is finished!

  Except... there’s still stuff to be done when it comes to this novel regardless of the manuscript. Mainly the cover art preparations with Cris and the whole self-publishing side of things. But hey, when it comes to writing, it’s all about Book Three now! A lot of things set up in Fragments are going to be paid off in Book Three, so I’m very excited to begin working on it.

  You can also expect a fair share of answers in the upcoming Book Two. MS Word shows the final word count for Initiation is 175.075 words—and that’s after I cut 37.000 words between the first draft and this final one—so yeah. A lot of revelations in there. Go figure, right?

The final draft. (For now.)

  I’d share more about Initiation and the story involved, but spoilers… Nevertheless, you can expect more action, more fantasy, and more of Wolf and Nemo! In Fragments you got to meet these characters, but in Initiation you’ll get to know them. Book Two will explore Wolf's and Nemo's first days within the Order, and it will heavily focus on their motivations and personal journeys.

Trust me. This novel's going to be worth the wait!

Anyway, I’ll keep you updated as things develop and we approach the publishing date for Order of the Spirits: Initiation. I’d also like to get back to writing about games, movies, and whatever on the website. There’s a bunch of art waiting to be uploaded to the gallery, too… But yeah, no promises on anything regular. I’ll just do my best and we’ll see how it goes.

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