What are Fragments?

Here’s what you need to know about the first book in the upcoming Order of the Spirits series!

If you’ve been following my posts, you undoubtedly gathered from my prior ramblings that the Order of the Spirits is an upcoming fantasy book series that I’ve been developing for a while now. To bring that broad genre closer to home, I’d like to define Order of the Spirits as a contemporary action fantasy series.

Shielded Crest

What to expect from this book series?

As I understand it, contemporary action fantasy isn’t really an established subgenre in the book industry. However, I’ve decided to stick to it where Order of the Spirits is concerned, simply because that description best sets one’s expectations for this series.

  For example, if you pick up the first (soon-to-be-released) Order of the Spirits book, you should anticipate action, fantasy, and (for the most part) a contemporary setting. Some of the other important elements that make up my series would also be:

  • A non-linear, character-driven narrative
  • Multiple POVs, written in 3rd person
  • Alternative mythology and history
  • Settings that aren’t so contemporary, after all
  • Demons and monsters, vigilantes and demonslayers
  • Lowkey, epic vibes \m/

  So yeah… this series will harbor elements from many aspects of fantasy, and calling it just action & adventure, or just urban/portal fantasy doesn’t quite cut it. That especially stands for the first book in the series, titled Order of the Spirits: Fragments! And why is that? Well…

Order of the Spirits: Fragments is a collection of short stories!

Old Story Covers

The first entry in the Order of the Spirits series features six intertwined stories. These stories, although set in a shared universe, often follow different characters, and through them, we get to explore different settings, and even different time periods! But make no mistake, this is a character-driven book, first and foremost. The main goal of Order of the Spirits: Fragments is to introduce you to our heroes, and little by little prepare you for what comes next.

What about the main plot?

There is a lot of mystery happening in this first book, but every story featured in Fragments makes for a complete narrative. As for the overarching story told in Order of the Spirits: Fragments… well, maybe it would be best to simply show you the blurb. Here’s the book’s official back cover!

Back Cover - Fragments
As drawn by Cristiana Leone (and written by yours truly)!

As for the characters…

The blurb mentions a few, but the most prominently featured characters in Fragments would certainly be Wolf and Nemo. One is a broody vigilante, struggling to make a difference in a town that is ruled by ruthless crime lords; another is a cheery demonslayer, who wields ancient swords of dark power, and fights alongside his teammates against forces forgotten by history.

  If you’ve visited the gallery on this website, chances are you’ve already met these two!

Wolf and Nemo
Wolf (left), as drawn by Arrogant Finch. Nemo (right), by Luisa.

To summarize:

Order of the Spirits: Fragments is the first book in a contemporary action fantasy series. It features six intertwined stories and multiple characters. The two main protagonists are a vigilante and a demonslayer, and through a non-linear narrative, Fragments reveal some of the challenges they face—both as members of their mysterious Order, and as individuals who’re fighting for something more.

  And the best part, Order of the Spirits: Fragments will be released real soon! So, stay tuned if anything of what I’ve shared above sparked your interest! I’m confident that I'll reveal the book cover in my next post, and I might also start giving away review copies of the book when that happens. Those signed up to my Newsletter will have priority when it comes to receiving a review copy of the book, so perhaps consider subscribing if you haven’t already!


All right.
’Till next time!

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